John Chesshire

As broker and owner of The Shire Real Estate Group, John's background and experiences in the real estate market, lending industry, title industry and management is enormous. John is recognized for his training of hundreds of top producing agents and the building of several large and successful corporate owned real estate franchises. During this time, he found that he wanted to offer more personalized service than was attainable within the corporate franchise systems.

In founding The Shire Real Estate Group, John has attracted other top quality agents and brokers, who share the same philosophy as his firm. These agents have intimate knowledge of the character and charm of the communities they serve. Many live in the community and can share their first-hand knowledge with you. John himself is a second generation native Californian who has lived and worked for over 30 years in Southern California.

John is also a Certified Relocation Director. He offers premier world-wide relocation services and is a member of International Relocation Services Inc. Across the country or across the globe, you can feel confident knowing that he cares what happens at the other end of relocating and he will handle all of the relocating details in a most professional matter.

At The Shire, John is hands on and at the helm when it comes to offering cutting edge training and new technology to his agents and staff. He deals with residential properties as well as commercial listings and sales and oversees the property management and personal services divisions of his company.

John's passion for life, along with his enthusiasm for his work and for The Shire comes through from the moment of contact. This, along with his experience in team building, sales achievement, and management has led to the phenomenal growth and success of The Shire. Fairness and integrity mark his approach in all his relationships.